Secrets to a successful marriage


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Marriage is at its best a source of peace, strength and security for the couple. It is from this foundation of love and mercy that children are brought into this world. The family unit gives a pillow to each other from the harshness of the outside world. It covers each other’s faults, it protects, it protects and loves, it gives self-confidence and self-confidence. Unfortunately, this ideal does not meet. It must be achieved through hard work from both parties in a marriage, from before the couple even get married.

Secrets to a Successful Marriage is an invaluable guide written by a qualified and experienced Islamic relationship counselor. Divided into four main parts and offers: Advice before marriage, including what factors to consider when searching for a spouse and advice on how to have a smooth transition from single to married life. Practical, everyday tips for keeping life alive Guidance on how to get through minor shocks with greater understanding and how to communicate effectively with each other.

Look at a series of questions that can lead to conflict, how to recognize signs of conflict and conflict resolution AFSHAN KHAN (UMM ASIM), founder of Sukoon Healing, shares the benefit of his thirty years of experience and wisdom in this book packed with common sense, actual case studies and practical to-do lists.

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