Rosemary honey / Rosmarinhonning – 250g


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Lovely raw honey from bees collecting nectar from the rosemary herb. Did you know that Rosemary blooms twice a year and only grows in the Mediterranean area and the Caucasus from sea level up to 1,600 meters? By placing the hives in areas where there is a lot of rosemary, the bees will pollinate the flowers of the plant and bring back nectar from which they make heavenly honey. In fact, the Romans loved this honey, as it symbolized love. Enjoy our exquisite Rosemary honey which is real natural honey that is sweet and rich in floral aroma with hints of spice. Fits well in marinades for chicken and vegetables. Our honey is raw and not heat-treated. In this way, you get its enzymes, vitamins and pollen, which is a natural component of the honey.

TASTE: Mild and sweet. Light honey


SUITABLE FOR: Tea, marinades and spreads.

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