Moringa Powder – 200g


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Moringa lives up to the name as a superfood and contains approximately:

30% protein

All the 8 essential amino acids (the only plant in the world that do),

47 antioxidants

36 anti-inflammatory drugs

25 multivitamins

All the appropriate co-enzymes that the body needs to help with the absorption of these valuable nutrients

Compared to other food sources from kilo to kilo, Moringa contains 100 grams:

12 times vitamin C found in oranges

9 times more protein than yogurt

17 times more calcium than milk

10 times vitamin A than carrots

15 times more potassium than bananas

Moringa is so safe that it can be used by children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, athletes and the elderly. In fact, research shows that regular consumption of Moringa capsules by expectant mothers can increase milk production by as much as 25%.

Taking Moringa as a daily supplement can have dramatic positive effects on total energy, endurance and vitality.

People taking Moringa often notice a number of beneficial lifestyle changes, including:

Can increase energy

May provide greater vigilance

Can improve endurance

Can increase focus and mental clarity

May provide other health benefits

Recommended use

1 teaspoon daily with water. Preferably for breakfast, or in a milkshake or mixed with juice. Safe for long-term use for adults and children.

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